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Estonian Knitting 3 - Mittens

Estonian Knitting 3 - Mittens is an heirloom quality book featuring projects, techniques and plenty of history.
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For centuries, every girl and woman living in the small territory of Estonia on the shores of the Baltic Sea has known how to knit.

Museum collections have preserved thousands of wonderful mittens, gloves, socks, stockings, caps, jumpers, cardigans and more.

Many of these items were made for more than just keeping warm, their functions were also to protect and adorn the wearer as well as to showcase the maker’s care and skill.

This book brings knitters the many facets of the history of Estonian mittens from beautiful local mitten patterns to detailed knitting techniques. The book contains 292 mittens from every corner of Estonia with photos, charts and instructions as well as thorough experience-based guides on different techniques. A large number of original mittens have been recreated and are presented here in detail, we hope they will provide plentiful inspiration to the modern knitter and mitten wearer.