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Estonian Knitting 2 - Socks & Stockings

Estonian Knitting 2 - Socks & Stockings is an heirloom quality book featuring projects, techniques and plenty of history.
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From the Sena Klets Museum, this heirloom quality book of Estonian sock patterns and techniques is an essential addition to your library.

For centuries Estonian knitters have created beauty using needle and yarn – everything that caught their eye found its way into patterns simple and elaborate, full of colour and magic.

Knitted items are not, nor were they ever, only a way to keep the body warm, they protect and adorn, showing the care and skill of the maker.

This book includes complete instructions on sock and stocking knitting as well as a remarkable selection of the heel and toe constructions used in traditional Estonian knitting.

Over 200 stocking, sock, and leg warmer designs offer inspiration for both traditional knitting and the creation of new sock patterns.

The author’s photographs encourage you to wear Estonian socks and stockings with modern clothing. Learn to knit socks the Estonian way!