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Dragon Tale Cowl Kit

Knit the Dragon Tale Cowl by Mary Hunt in Bon Tricot Jolly DK
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A quick-knit and engaging accessory, you won't want to put this down as you see the design emerge round by round! Bon Tricot Jolly DK is the perfect colourwork yarn : grippy enough for a smooth knitting process and even tension, while remaining soft and blooming beautifully when blocked. 

Pattern sold separately on Ravelry 

Mary says, "The Dragon Tale Cowl is another illustration-heavy design, featuring billowing smoke, a sleek dragon, and Art Nouveau-esque filigree. The borders are made with little twists to give you additional texture reminiscent of leather straps one might find on a harness or saddle. Whether you’re into Smaug, Saphira, Toothless, or Hungarian Horntails, this dragon will bond to you for life and promise to keep your neck warm and cozy every cold season!"


100g Jolly DK Sweatshirt 

2 x 50g Jolly DK Rosewood