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TKB Cords

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Whether you need to put stitches temporarily on hold or want to be able to try on your work-in-progress as you go, you will love the  convenience of The Knitting Barber (TKB) cords!

Simply press the open ends of the hollow silicone cable onto the tips of your circular needles and allow your stitches to stretch around the added circumference to make trying on your top-down garments a breeze.  Need to put stitches on hold  (e.g. sleeves, body, etc.)? Just place the open end of the cable over the tip of one end of your circular needles and gently ease sleeve stitches onto the cord. Reverse the process to pick the stitches back up later.  

Sold as a set of three cables in a pretty tin box:

1 x 150 cm (60”)
2 x 75 cm (30") in a tin box.

Available in 12 colours.