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Paul Klee Sweater Colourwork Bundle

Knit the iconic Paul Klee sweater with Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift.
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Midori Hirose's Paul Klee sweater remains popular among knitters, and has become a true favourite in Naomi's wardrobe. Knit in Jamieson's of Shetland Spindrift, recreate your own with this colour bundle.

Now you can choose between Naomi's bright version or the expertly-crafted muted version from Gudrun Johnston!

While larger sizes use more colours, you'll have plenty of yarn to knit every size by repeating and reworking colour combinations to make your own unique work of art! 

Pattern sold separately on Ravelry.

Kit contains Spindrift to knit the colourwork. You will need a separate main colour yarn for the body. We recommend Humble Twist as the closest yarn to Naomi's version. Bon Tricot Happy 4-ply is another great choice.

Colour order: Naomi's Version

Paprika + Bramble
Moss + Blue Lovat 
Yellow Ochre + Tundra
Flame + Oyster
Surf + Moorgrass
Bracken + Birch
Bramble + Salmon
Scotch Broom + Rye
Paprika + Flame

Colour order: Gudrun's Version (note that Thyme, Spagnum and Lomond a replacements compared to the original)

Oyster + Wren
Thyme + Mooskit
Burnt Ochre + Mogit
Salmon + Tundra
Nutmeg + Shaela
Spagnum + Mogit
Yellow Ochre + Mooskit
Salmon + Lomond
Osprey + [Main Colour]