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Knitting Rules by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR! This essential reference book will have you creating shawls, hats, and socks that fit the yarn you have, at the gauge you're getting. And of course, like anything Stephanie Pearl-McPhee writes, it's also very funny.
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Both a celebration of the craft and a sourcebook for practical information, Knitting Rules! is a collection of useful advice (including recipes for socks, hats and shawls that never miss) and emotional support for the avid knitter. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee unravels the mysteries of tangled yarn, confusing patterns, and stubbornly unfinished projects. Daring to question long-standing rules and encouraging crafters to knit in the way that works best for them, this illuminating, liberating, and hilarious look at the world of knitting is full of surprises and delightfully inspiring ideas. 

Paperback, 224 pgs.