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Knitting for Radical Self-Care by Brandi C. Harper

This book will be an essential in your knitting library, featuring cleaessential knitting bookr how-tos for modern knitting techniques, beautiful timeless patterns and thoughtful essays on our shared craft.
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Includes 10 knitting patterns designed within a framework for creating modern, handmade knitwear. This book includes how-to photos for all the techniques used to make each garment. They are organized into 4 sections: Adventurous Beginning Knitting, Casting On and Binding Off for Modern Edges; All About Shaping and Construction; and Finishing Like a Boss.

Each pattern’s essay is rooted in eight self-care principles, all an exploration of how to love ourselves and each other a little deeper in the context of making. Imagine every word is a brightly lit room, designed for our comfort as we explore who we are, what we want, and how we are getting there. Knitting is a constant companion as we grow and expand our capacity for joy.