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Knitter's Pride - Zing Crochet Hook Set

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The Zing Crochet Hook Set is includes 9 colour coded tips in their signature polished aluminium, for fast, easy stitching, neatly out together in a slick zippered black and red case.

  • US C (2.75mm) - Carnelian
  • US D (3.25mm) - Emerald
  • US E (3.5mm) - Chrysolite
  • US F (3.75mm) - Amethyst
  • US G (4.0mm) - Sapphire
  • US 7 (4.5mm) - Iolite 
  • US H (5.0mm) - Ruby
  • US I (5.5mm) - Sienna
  • US J (6.0mm) - Purple Velvet