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Expo 67 Set - e-book

Make this stunning winter accessory set by Jocelyne Malric. Expo 67 cowl, hat and mittens in one convenient e-book. Available in English (French coming soon).

This cowl, hat and mitten set were inspired by childhood memories of visiting the Montreal Exposition of 1967. Many of the pavilions on the site of the exposition used geometry as building blocks.

The projects in this collection use a combination of cables and stranded colourwork, but each one requires slightly different skills. The cowl is a great way to get familiar with the geometric pattern, the hat adds decreases and crown shaping, and the mittens require catching your floats as well.

1 x 50 g skein of Jolly DK in each of 3 contrast colours is enough to make all 3 projects. along with 4 x 50 g of the main colour.