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Bryspun - 5-inch Double-Pointed Needles

Soft, flexible needles with a special pointed tip for ergonomic knitting.
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Bryspun's plastic knitting needles are beloved by knitters for their ergonomic design. The flexible material can offer relief from hand pain, while the matte off-white colour does not glare under bright light. The specialized needle tip is narrow to allow complex stitchwork like Estonian lace, but isn't sharp - so it won't hurt your fingers if you 'push' your tip as you form your stitches.

Plastic needles are somewhere between metal and wood in terms of grip - they are good for looser knitters who want more control and for working with slippery yarns like silk, mohair, bamboo and linen.

At 5" long, these DPN sets are shorter than most - ideal for socks and baby items.