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Yoke O'Clock Kits

Make yourself a functioning knitted clock with this fun pattern and tutorial by Stephanie Earp.
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Knit a beautiful and practical piece of art. Worked in the round from the center out, this pattern takes the construction of a top-down yoke sweater and creates a working clock. If you’ve ever looked at your knitting and thought it would look great hanging on the wall, this is the project for you.

Three charts are offered in the pattern, along with a blank chart for creating your own design. Not sure where to start? For inspiration, look at the yoke sweater patterns you love - many can be easily adapted to this format. 

Out kit includes 3 skeins of Elemental Affects Shetland Fingering and a printed copy of the Yoke O'Clock pattern and tutorial.

folklore: Lichen, Light Denim, Red Bark
Lover: Ochre, Agave, Watermelon
Reputation: Scarket, Black, Musket
1989: Sandalwood, Dusty Red, Moorit

A step-by-step photo tutorial for mounting your clock is included in the pattern. It’s a simple process that doesn’t take much more than 10 minutes, and requires no special tools beyond a pair of pliers.

You'll also need the following to complete your project:

12” Vinyl LP 
Clock mechanism kit 
Wax crayon or pencil
Utility or kitchen knife
Small pliers
1 AA battery
Nail polish, if desired