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Tombow - Irojiten Coloured Pencils Dictionary

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Tombow Irojiten Colored pencils are high quality, artist grade waxed-based pencils that produce rich smooth textures and blend and layer beautifully without leaving a waxy build-up. The sleek round enamel-finish barrel and smooth core of these coloured pencils ensure a well-balanced writing and drawing experience.

Inspired by colours found in nature, Tombow has created 3 dictionary sets, each containing three distinctive volumes that tell a unique colour story. Each dictionary contains 30 pencils cleverly displayed in a book-like format with elastic closure.

The colour stories of each of these dictionaries are unique to the Tombow Irojiten line and offer a modern take on a traditional colouring tool. Whether it is for fine art, illustration, doodling, journalling, colouring, or crafting, these pencils will awaken your creative spirit and make your heart sing every time you open a volume!



Vol. 1 – pale tone 1

Vol. 2 – vivid tone 1

Vol. 3 – deep tone 1



Vol. 4 – pale tone II

Vol. 5 – deep tone II

Vol. 6 – light grayish tone I



Vol. 7 – fluorescence

Vol. 8 – very pale tone

Vol. 9 – dull tone