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DMC Tapestry Wool Bundle

Looking to add embroidery to your knits? This bundle of 10 colours of DMC tapestry wool is a perfect starter kit.
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Transform your knits with a handful of simple embroidery stitches: a cosy cardigan embellished with bright flowers, a dragonfly on the front of a sweater and mittens with plants climbing up the back of the hand.

These projects and more can be found in Judit Gummlich's Embroidery on Knits - and this bundle provides 10 colours of DMC tapestry wool that will get you started on these or any other embellished pieces.

10 x 8 m / 8.7 yds hanks 100% wool in colours green 7342, yellow 7078, merlot 7157, light blue 7800, grey blue 7555, grey 7284, sky blue 7314, ecru, salmon 7851, pink 7202.