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Stripe Hype Sweater Kit

Knit the super-popular Stripe Hype Sweater by Veronika Lindberg in Bon Tricot Jolly DK!
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After so many customers asking to knit this cult favourite sweater, we decided to put together kits in our Bon Tricot Jolly DK

The Stripe Hype sweater features bold stripes in a wearable palette combination, showcased in a relaxed drop-shoulder sweater. 

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Pattern available on Ravelry here.

Kit contains the following colours: 

MC: Sweatshirt

CC1: Honey Mustard / CC2: Oxford Blue / CC3: Maraschino / CC4: Arctic Blue / CC5: Chiffon Pink


35.5" - 41.75" - 45.75"

Sweatshirt - 3 x 100g

Honey Mustard/Oxford/Maraschino/Arctic Blue/Chiffon - 1 each

49.5" - 53.5" - 57.5"

Sweatshirt - 4 x 100g

Honey Mustard/Oxford/Maraschino/Arctic Blue/Chiffon - 2 each

61.5" - 66" - 70"

Sweatshirt - 4 x 100g + 1 x 50g

Honey Mustard/Oxford/Maraschino/Arctic Blue/Chiffon - 3 each


Sweater photo copyright Veronika Lindberg/Kutovakika