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Start Your Top-Down Sweater

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Always wanted to knit a sweater, but not sure how to start? Here’s your chance! In this class, we’ll learn the main techniques of top-down sweaters and identify common hiccups and how to solve them. We’ll cast on a sweater and work through the increase section, with the goal of reaching the sleeve split.

Prerequisites: You should be able to cast on and knit confidently in the round, and know how to increase. Ideally, participants should reach the sleeve split by the second class to get the most out of the teaching time, so it is best to pick a pattern you can knit through quickly such as a simple stockinette structure or a child’s garment. 

Materials: The top-down raglan or yoke pattern of your choice, and the appropriate yarn and needles for it. Pick a pattern knit with DK-weight yarn or heavier so you can work quickly through the yoke and make the most of the second class.

Preparation: Knit and block a gauge swatch to determine the correct needle size for your pattern.

Examples of patterns: You are welcome to choose your own pattern, but here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Trescao Jumper


Baccarat Banque


Dog Star


Please email [email protected] before the class with the name and designer of your chosen pattern, so the instructor can prepare.