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Making - No. 12, Dusk

Making's newest issue aims to savour the dusk—its colours and mood—and everything it offers to teach us about transformation.
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From notes of lavender and amethyst to sourcing purple dyes in nature, we’re celebrating the full spectrum of colors present in the sky during dusk, leading with a love for purple.

Contributors to No. 12 / DUSK include Rachel Gloria Adams, Bess Casey Wilke, Louisa Burtonshaw, Alexis Bailey, Kristine Vejar, Kimberly Hamlin, Tatiana Sarasa, Katia Ferris, Elizabeth Miller, Katie Dionne, Leila Raven, Tiffany Chen, Norah Gaughan, Eline Alcocer, Camille Romano, Saysha Greene, Ksenia Naidyon, Susan B Anderson, Julie Robinson, Paula Pereira, Elena Solier Jansà and Kathy Hattori.