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Lovely Lace Knits by Gabrielle Vezina

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Note: Join us on March 23 from 6 -7 pm for a book launch with author Gabrielle Vézina, then stay for our weekly knit night

While knitting lace may at first seem like a tricky technique reserved for more advanced knitters, expert knitwear designer Gabrielle Vézina is here to show you just how easy it can be! With her best tips, tricks and techniques at the ready, you’ll soon be whipping up delightfully dainty and delicate knitwear in no time at all. She’ll first guide you through all of the essential stitches for lace knitting mastery and how these stitches work together to create a gorgeous, open fabric. You’ll also learn fun and easy ways to troubleshoot common problems, like those pesky dropped yarn-overs, and even ways you can play with gauge and yarn weight in your lacework to make your finished pieces beautifully and uniquely YOU! From there, create any of the 16 stunning designs on offer to practice and perfect this gorgeous knitting technique.

Those new to knitting lace will feel confident casting on any project in the book, while more experienced knitters will be enthralled by the gorgeous variety of designs. With Gabrielle’s focus on knitting as a way to avoid fast fashion and live more consciously, each design has been carefully curated to become a timeless addition to a sustainable, long-lasting wardrobe. For those crafters looking to learn a new skill and knit lace with ease, look no further than Lovely Lace Knits.