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Kaweco - Fountain Pen AL Sport

Writing or sketching with a fountain pen heightens your writing experience and brings an appreciation for the art of making things by hand!
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The Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen is an aluminum pocket pen measuring just over 4 in. (10 cm) that comes in a raw finish that will patina over time and imprint the scuffs and patterns that are unique to how you use and transport your pen, as well as an anodized rose gold coloured finish. The screw off cap can be posted to transform the sport into a full-size pen that provides for a comfortable and elegant writing experience. Choose between an extra-fine or fine steel nib depending on your writing preferences.

For a no fuss experience pair your pen with colourful Kaweco ink cartridges or any standard short international cartridge, and when you are ready to dabble in the hundreds of varieties of bottled ink now available on the market, a Kaweco mini converter can be purchased.

Each fountain pen comes with one blue ink cartridge and a nostalgic metal storage tin. A sleek leather sleeve or octagonal clip may be purchased separately to accessorize your pen.