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JesabelleB - Sac de Tricot Cheetah

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A project bag to put on your wrist so you can knit anywhere – at the bus stop, in a waiting room and, of course, at home. It acts like a portable bowl of yarn.

Use it for whatever craft you like – knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc., the possibilities are endless…


This bag holds 1 yarn ball and is ideal for knitting socks or small projects such as a hat.

12.5 inches tall X 8 inches wide (32 cm tall x 20 cm wide)


A medium-sized project bag perfect for knitting on the go! This project bag is a good size for knitting shawls, hats, scarves, socks or any projects that require one or two yarn balls or a big skein. 

16.5 inches tall X 11.5 inches wide (42 cm tall x 28 cm wide)


This bag is sturdy and will last a lifetime. Designed for larger projects like sweaters, when you need a couple of skeins. You can easily fit 3 bulky yarn balls and still have room to put your pattern and needle case. 

20 inches tall X 16 inches wide (51 cm tall x 41 cm wide)