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Hapkerchief Kit

Join in the fun with the Hapkerchief Knitalong!
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This quick, 4-color knit introduces some Shetland-inspired techniques in a modern, approachable way. Perfect for the adventurous beginner and beyond!

Featuring a new design by Gudrun Johnston of The Shetland Trader, the first-ever Simply Shetland knitalong kicks off on June 2. If you want to join in online, keep motivated and share your progress on instagram with #hapkerchiefkal and get more information here @simply_shetland

Kits include 4 balls of Shetland Spindrift, the classic 100% wool from Jamieson's of Shetland. 


  • MC: Pacific
  • C1: Ivory
  • C2: Surf
  • C3: Sholmit


  • MC: Granite
  • C1: Shaela
  • C2: Salmon
  • C3: Yellow Ochre


  • MC: Mogit
  • C1: Birch
  • C2: Nutmeg
  • C3: Poppy


  • MC: Eesit
  • C1: Moorit
  • C2: Damask
  • C3: Granny Smith


  • MC: Clyde Blue
  • C1: Scotch Broom
  • C2: Laurel
  • C3: Rye