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Caran d’Ache - Supracolor Soft Watercolor Pencils

Supracolor Soft Watercolor Aquarelle’s are superior quality water-soluble coloured pencils for artists and hobbyists who enjoy working with beautifully crafted products.
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Made in Switzerland, the leads are produced with a high concentration of the finest pigments and have excellent lightfastness. The pencil shaft is hexagonal and made of top quality cedar wood. They can be used for blending, washes, dry colouring and mixed media, and can be combined with dry coloured pencils, pastels, ink and gouache for small and large scale projects.


Leads are 3.8 mm, high breaking-strength and water soluble with exceptional covering power

The shaft of the pencil is end-sealed in the same colours as the lead, marked with colour name and code and is Certified FSC® (The Forest Stewardship Council).


DRAW AND WASH: Draw the subject with Supracolor Soft then carefully work details or disperse the colours loosely with a moist paintbrush. This brings out subtle tones and adds vibrancy to the subject.

SMUDGING: Spray your drawing with water and smudge sections with a finger.

COLOURING: Create a pencil/ink drawing or find an image that appeals to you and once you have coloured it in, use a moist paintbrush to disperse the colours which turns your work into a watercolour painting.

WATERCOLOUR: Rather than draw or colour with the pencils, lift the pigment off the pencil lead using a moist paintbrush and apply to your paper/drawing as you would with watercolour paints.

DRY: Simply use Supracolor Soft as you would any other coloured pencils without applying water.