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Boneyard Shawl Kit

Knit the simple and classic Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West in Jody Long Alba
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We revisited this classic garter tab shawl to show off the texture and colour of Jody Long's Alba - a versatile tweedy sport/DK that is a great substitute for Rowan's Felted Tweed.

Tweedy, soft and in a huge range of colours, Alba by Jody Long is great for colourwork and texture, but also adds depth to even the simplest knits.

Pattern free on Ravelry!

In our version, we added stripes, using Earth as the MC, and working all WS knit rows in MC as well - so the green stripes are slightly narrower than the brown ones. Find all the details on our Ravelry project page.

Kit contains 3 balls of Jody Long Alba : 2 x MC, 1 x CC

Moss (CC) and Earth (MC)

Winter (CC) and Coalfield (MC)