Koigu “Take Five” Bundle
  • Swim Trunks
  • Egg Hunt

Koigu “Take Five” Bundle

CA$61.65 USD$46.09

Enhance your stash with these colourful Koigu bundles. Perfect for shawls, like Stephen West’s Vertices Unite, or a child’s garment, like So Faded Pint Sized by Andrea Mowry.

Our Take Five bundles are a great value, costing15% less than purchasing 5 individual skeins.

Each kit combines 5 skeins of coordinating Koigu KPPPM and KPM colourways. Each 50 g skein is 160 m / 175 y (800 m / 875 y per kit). 100% Merino Wool.

Swim Trunks
KPPPM P488 L17, KPPPM P742 L05, KPPPM P633 L51, Kpm 1260 L17, KPPPM P815 L54

The Grass is Always Greener
KPM 1513 L01, KPM 1533 L16, KPM 1521 L08, KPPPM P514 L282, KPPPM P927 L03

KPPPM P317 L07, KPPPM P312 L16, KPPPM P488 L17, KPM 2335 L04, KPM 5400 L2

Posh Grunge
KPPPM P317 L07, KPPPM P831 L01, KPM 5101 L3, KPM 1533 L16, KPM 1133 L34

Egg Hunt
KPPPM P926 L35, KPPPM P831 L01, KPM 5101 L03, KPM 1533 L16, KPM 1133 L34