Brooklyn Tweed - Shelter
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Brooklyn Tweed

CA$16.95 USD$12.89

The distinctive character of Targhee-Columbia wool shines in Shelter, Brooklyn Tweed’s versatile medium-weight yarn. Shelter is woolen spun, meaning the fibers remain in a lofty jumble that traps air and offers remarkable warmth and lightness. Woolen-spun yarns are more adaptable in gauge, as they can compress to a dense sport weight or bloom to cohere as a gauzy fabric when worked on large needles. Shelter has a dry, soft hand and a faintly rustic nature. Garments knit from Shelter achieve their full beauty after a wet blocking. Shelter is designed to be a workhorse yarn that invites cables, ribbing, textured stitch motifs, open work, plain stockinette and garter stitch. Ideal for sweaters of every variety, winter accessories, and blankets.

All photos: Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed

100% American wool
128 m / 140 y
Knitting Weight:
20 sts per 10 cm / 4"
4.5 mm (US 7)