Bleu Poussière - Pied Bleu
  • ROCOCO - Madder
  • TEA ROSE - Madder
  • LAVANDE - Logwood
  • GRIS DE LIN - Logwood
  • ORION - Osage orange
  • CIELO - Hibiscus
  • LUSH - Cutch, Cochineal, Logwood

Bleu Poussière

Pied Bleu
CA$40.00 USD$30.17

Pied Bleu is the French name commonly given to a purple-ish mushroom, the Blue Foot. And, as the name suggests, Pied Bleu is the perfect go-to yarn base for sock knitting. The Bluefaced Leicester sheep’s long fleece, when combined with nylon, a high-twist spinning style and a superwash treatment, makes for durable, cozy, and easy-care socks.

80% bluefaced leicester, 20% nylon
365m / 400 y