ACC - Twill & Print Hard Enamel Pin
  • Craft Queen A
  • Sleeve Island
  • Yarn Bomb
  • Craft Queen B
  • Steeker Seeker, Teal
  • Steeker Seeker, Purple
  • Row Counter - Silver
  • Row Counter - Black
  • Rainy Days
  • Prickly Yarn
  • Knitting Moon Phase
  • Knitting Day and Night Spinner
  • Bouquet Knitting  A
  • Bouquet Knitting B


Twill & Print Hard Enamel Pin
CA$12.00 - CA$25.00 USD$0.00

From designer and illustrator Tiffany of Twill & Print, these fun and whimsical pieces are a great way to glam up your project bags, sweaters, or jackets. Hard enamel is smooth and durable and the high-quality finish on these pins makes the beautiful and detailed artwork shine! Add to your own collection or share with all your knitterly friends.